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hiking crested butte

Coming up To Crested Butte Soon!? Check out some great hiking guide books to bring!!!


hiking crested butte

Hike the Mountain - Mt Crested Butte!

This hike is for everyone. Take the lift to the top and walk down along the easy trails! The Base Area offers more than great music in the evenings. The chair lifts run all summer and into the fall. Hook your mountain bike to the back and bike down! You can rent bikes at the base. Or hike down! The view around Crested Butte valley is so amazing. If the whole mountain is too much, you can stop halfway up, or take Red Lady Lift rather than Silver Queen - it is shorter and easier. You do need to buy an inexpensive lift ticket to use the lifts- they are all day passes. You can also hook your mountain bike to the lifts and bike down.



crested butte hikeHike the Lower Loop!

This is located right outside of town, so you can combine a hike with a nice lunch in town. You can also do the whole loop, or pretty much turn back at anytime- there are criss-crosses where you can turn back. Just head out toward Peanut Lake just out of town. It is a gorgeous valley and an easy hike - almost all flat with no ups and downs. This is also a beginning mountain bike trail. test





Hike to Meridien Lake - or "Long Lake"

The Meridien lake hike is short and lovely - over a stream and up a hill and you are there -- half an hour, tops. As you head from town to the resort take a left on Washington Gulch.

subscribe to my youtube channelWithin a mile you are there - the trailhead is on your left and there is plenty of parking. The little stream is a great place for children to play, and the hike up is short.

A great place for a picnic, or to bring a puppy!


Washington Gulch Hike - Trail 403


What a surprise this great hike was. Just drive all the way up Washington Gulch, park your car and there you are. You hike up (an easy up) to the top, and then you could hike down into Gothic- (but you need someone to pick you up if you go down to Gothic. It was an easy and gorgeous hike. Great for the family. Please don't miss the little movie I made of it to the right!



Maroon Bells Pass - Up the West Maroon Trail

This is a 4 mile hike up to the pass from the top of Schofield . To get there you drive strait thru town up to the mountain - keep going to Gothic, then... keep going! you will go over a very narrow place down into Emerald Lake, which is worth a stop and look-see. But you really need to take the right-side road as you approach the lake and climb up above the lake. You will run right into the beginning of the trail which is well-marked. subscribe to my youtube channel4 miles is not alot, but it is a gradual up up and away to the pass, which s 13,500 ft. So in all it is an 8 mile round trip. Take your time!!!!


Emerald Lake

This is one of the prettiest spots on earth. Really. Just drive from Crested Butte toward Gothic - it is a beautiful drive - look down and see the prehistoric-looking river snaking down a gorgeous valley (I always expect to see a band of cro-magnons!) and keep going thru the little town of Gothic. Keep going! you will pass beautiful rivers, cows, andother bikers and hikers but keep going. There is one small area as you go up and then down into Emerald Lake that is very narrow so be careful. But it is so worth it. What a gorgeous spot. This would be great for a picnic, or just a hike around the lake.


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Lost Lake

hike crested butte hike crested butteAfter you've been in Crested Butte a few days and want to go further afield for a beautiful hike, try the Lost Lake hike. You head out toward Lake Irwin. Where the road splits near Irwin, the righthand will go to Irwin and the left to Kebler (it is well marked). Keep going, and enjoy the view! when the aspens are all around you in a close woods for awhile, Lost Lake Campground will come up on the left, after Horseranch turnoff.Turn in and keep to the right and park as far as you can. It takes 35 minutes from CB to drive there. 

There are 3 lakes - and it takes about 2 hours to walk all around the three lakes. We saw a herd of moose, and climbed past waterfalls - it was absolutely glorious. The lakes are called Lost Lake Slough, Lost Lake, and Dollar Lake. This is a gem.




trail 401 hikingTrail 401 - THE Famous Biking trail...

trail 401 hikeNormally completely a bad place to hike. Just imagine walking peacefully down the most beautiful trail in Crested Butte and having someone scream "out of the way"! you leap off the trail into the mud. So, yes, Trail 401 is normally off limits to hikers.

But here's a little secret. When it rains and the trail is muddy, the bikers can't bike! hurray! So if you see light rain, rejoice, put on a tarp and go hiking. The mountain bikers won't even reappear when the sun comes out - the trail has to be dry for them to safely bike.

We hiked the 401 this summer. it was heavenly - we didn't go all the way to the beginning but started right where Judd Falls starts - put one car at the end of the trail and one at the start so we could go back and pick it up. Took about 1 1/2 hours and was glorious!


The Dyke Trail

hiking crested butteThis hike will always be a mixed memory for me. It is gorgeous - and long - plan at least 4 hours. But I tried to do it as a mountain biking trip and learned that what is an easy hiking trail is totally not necessarily an easy biking trail. Those roots and branches are easy to step over but not so easy to bike over!!!! But it is really spectacular and worth doing for a longer hike.

The entrance to the Dyke trail is just above Irwin Lake on the left - don't go too far or you get to private land. This bike trail goes gently down for 5 miles. hiking crested butte Have a non-biker drive to Horseranch to pick you up, as that is where the trail ends. Your driver can find Horseranch by heading back toward Crested Butte and taking a right hand turn at the fork towards Kebler. Horseranch is lovely - a nice place to hang out - tell your driver to have some lunch and water ready! That pic to the right should be titled,"An easy hiking trail is NOT always an easy biking trail!!!!!!!!


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